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Moldeholmene seen from Hjertøyholmen. The area is popularly called "Moldivene".

With "Bare Du" on a cruise on Romsdalsfjorden.

If you do not have the opportunity to set aside a whole day, or maybe 2 days, we also arrange 3 hour trips on Romsdalsfjorden. Here we have several options.

We can go to Moldeholmene and anchor up in Islandsvågen and swim from the boat. Or we can dock at Hjertøya and stroll a bit in the forest on the islet.

How about lying down in the middle of the fjord and scouting for the humpback whale herds. There are also opportunities to spot Sea Eagles. We know where they nest! :)

Hjertøya is well worth a visit.

Here we look straight towards the village we live in, Vestnes. The highest mountains we see from left to right are Varfjell, Remmemstinden, Ystetind and Båten

Romsdalfjorden seen to the west.

Video from 2019 when a large herd of humpback whales gathered around the boat in the middle of Romsdalsfjorden.

Here we are on a trip with a family who really appreciated the behavior of the whales! Remember sound!

Tresfjorden with the Tresfjordbrigde in the foreground.

Info and Prices

On this trip we are very open to your wishes. Also when it comes to how much time you want to spend on the fjord. The starting point for the price is 3 hours. Addition fee for hours can be seen below.

This trip is intended for 3 hours.

Max 12 people
Base pricen 3 hours:    NOK.  4.500.-
Supplement per. hour: NOK.  1.250.-

Weather reservations.

We departure both from Vestnes Marina and from Reknes Guest Harbor, Molde.

Send a request for booking on our "Contact us" page

Silence on the Romsdalsfjord

Sunset at Moldeholmene.