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The entrance to Søre Bjørnsund.

The trip to Bjørnsund.

We have the whole day ahead of us when we start from Vestnes or Molde at 09:00 on this trip, which will take approx. 8 hours. From Vestnes we go north and cross Romsdalsfjorden with a course towards Julsundet. From Molde we keep straight west until we come to Julsundet. At the entrance to Julsundet we pass Julneset on Mordal, where the Germans built bunkers during World War II. We pass close to the facility.

From here it carries further north, and we get Gossen with the Ormen Lange facility on the port side. Here, natural gas is brought ashore from the Ormen Lange field out in the Norwegian Sea.

Eventually we round the north end of Gossen, and change to a more western course. In the distance we already see Søre and Nordre Bjørnsund. We will dock at Søre. 

Søre Bjørnsund with entrance in the middle of the picture.


Bjørnsund is an abandoned fishing village and an archipelago in Hustadvika municipality in Romsdal in Møre og Romsdal. The archipelago is located just west of Bud at the far end of the Romsdal Peninsula in the same municipality.

The fishing village was depopulated following a decision by the Fræna municipal council in 1968. The introduction of a nine-year primary school with subsequent school transport to the mainland for secondary school students, and the need for investments in infrastructure such as road and harbor lighting, running water, public quay and harbor cleaning were among the factors behind the decision. The last inhabitants moved in 1971.

In the years after 1945, between 500 and 600 people lived on Bjørnsund. Today, Bjørnsund is a holiday and camp school site. At the highest point on Nordre Bjørnsund is a polar bear sculpture in memory of those who lost their lives at sea between 1850 and 1950.

Søre and Nordre Bjørnsund. On the horizon lies Hustadvika.

Bjørnsund Lighthouse.


The day trip is estimated at 8 hours, of which the boat trip takes 3 hours each way. At Bjørnsund there are no restaurants, so we will make a good lunch on board. There are also opportunities to buy mineral water and other drinks on board.

Max 12 people

Base price:                NOK. 12.500.-
Light lunch on board: NOK.      150.- p.p.

Weather conditions.

Send a request for booking on our "Contact us" page. We go both from Vestnes marina and from Reknes Guest Harbor, Molde.