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Day trip or with accommodation at Finnøy Havstuer.

We have the whole day ahead of us, and start from Vestnes or Molde at 08:30. The trip goes out Romsdalsfjorden, past the island Tautra on the starboard side, port if we go from Molde, and we pass both Tomrefjord, Fiksdal and eventually Rekdal on the port side.

At Midsund we go under the Midsund bridge, and continue north-west towards Harøyfjorden. Here we set course for Finnøy, and sail through a beautiful cultural landscape with many islets and reefs. Sitting on the fly-bridge and enjoying the sun and summer in beautiful weather can not be better than right here.

Misund with Misundbrigde to the right in the picture. We sail under it from the right in the picture.

Finnøya. A pearl in the ocean gap.
Video: Hugo Ulstein

The last nautical miles towards Finnøya are quite special. Here it is shallow water, with sandbanks about 4-5 meters below the keel. The water is clear and we can see the bottom clearly. It's like getting a feeling of soaring above the ground.

The entrance to the guest harbor on Finnøya goes through a relatively narrow canal, where we pass Finnøy Havstuer. The guest harbor itself is well protected from the weather and wind.

After docking at the floating pier, you can walk about 150m to Havstuene to enjoy a better lunch.

Here on Finnøya, a small museum has also been built right down by the guest piers. There you find a 80 year old semi-diesel engine that was produced on this island! We have contact with the people who run this museum, and when we are there, we can get them to come and start the engine for us. It's a wonderful feeling to stand by a mountain of a machine, and hear every punch!

The double-cylinder 100-horsepower boat engine was built at Nils N. Finnøy Motorfabrikk on Finnøya in 1934. The same year it was installed in the liner «Legona». It stood there until the boat was condemned in 1995. The Legona engine was restored and overhauled by Nils O. Finnøy, Nils N. Finnøy and Anders Finnøy and installed in a separate building by the harbor on Finnøya, Finnøy Motor Museum. Guided tour and start-up of the engine by appointment. Finnøy Motorfabrikk laid the foundation for a large part of the mechanical industry in Møre og Romsdal. The founder was Nils N. Finnøy (1865 - 1939). (RB-net)

Water park "Hope in the sea" on Finnøy. 50 meters from the guest pier.

Finnøy Motor. In 2 cyl. semi-diesel will be started. Just have to experience!

Accommodation at Finnøy Havstuer.

If you choose the alternative of staying overnight on Finnøya, you will have the opportunity to stay at Finnøy Havstuer. Then you will also have time to explore the island much more, and for example rent bikes and take a tour of the island. Here is also a great water park where both young and old can enjoy themselves in well-heated water while looking out over the North Sea in all its glory.

We will stay over with the boat and wait for you to enjoy a better breakfast before we start the return to Vestnes Marina or Molde Guest Harbor.

Finnøy Havstuer. Fantastic food!

Here you can stay overnight if you choose a 2 day trip. We are waiting in the boat located in the guest harbor, 150 m away!

Prices and info.

The day trip is intended for 10 hours.

Max 12 people
Base price: NOK. 12.500.-

Weather conditions.

Send a request for booking on our "Contact us" page.


Accommodation at Finnøy Havstuer.

We can help you booking a room for you. Just state how many single / double rooms you want. You will have to pay for the rooms and dining at Havstuene. We will stay over in the yacht, and return to Molde / Vestnes after you have enjoied your breakfast at the hotel.

Max 12 people
Base price: NOK. 14.500.-

Weather conditions.

Send a request for booking on our "Contact us" page.

We go both from Vestnes Marina and from Reknes Guest Harbor, Molde.