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From Vestnes or Molde to the historic Veøya.

We have the whole day ahead of us, and start from Vestnes or Molde at 09:00. The trip goes from Vestnes, north-east towards Gjermundnesholmen which we pass on the port side. Then we round Korsstøneset around starboard.

There are many old burial sites here. The oldest are actually dated all the way back to the Stoneage!

If we go from Molde, we round Moldeholmene via Hjertøysundet, and set course for Veøya which we can see in the distance.

Gjermundnesholmen with Remmemstinden and Ystetind in the background.

The trip continues east. We sail to Sekken which we get on the port side, and go north-east along the island. On the starboard side we have a view of the majestic mountains in Romsdalen.

Gradually we approach Veøya which is located in the extension of Sekken and Hangholmen. We continue along the southeast side of Veøya, and round to the northwest at the end of the island. Here we find a sheltered and nice bay, where there is a floating jetty that we dock at.

Veøya with the Middle Ages church.


Veøya is a small island in Romsdalsfjorden in Møre og Romsdal, in Molde municipality. It is a little over 1 km2.

The island was Norway's first landscape conservation area, and the buildings there are today owned by the Romsdal Museum. The word vé is Norse for "holy" and the name Veøy means the holy island or the island with the sanctuary. "Woe" was used in pre-Christian times. The two parts of the island are connected by a narrow property that was previously the seabed.

In the Middle Ages, there was a kaupang or market town on the island, and several apartment buildings are mentioned in documents from the Middle Ages. It has been proven what can be Christian graves from the 900s.

The island was strategically located as a hub for boat traffic in the Viking Age. When the fjord was the traffic road, Veøya (together with Sekken) was centrally located. The climate is relatively mild and the island has good port conditions. The Viking ships seldom went over Hustadvika, but rather went an inner route into Romsdalsfjorden and further into today's Åndalsnes if you were going to Eastern Norway or into Langfjorden if you were going further north towards Nidaros. In the middle of this intersection is Veøya, and the location led to the creation of a town there, Romsdal's first town - an economic, administrative and religious center.

In the Middle Ages, the island was a courthouse for Raumsdøla county. Veøya is mentioned by Snorre in connection with the battle of Sekken in 1162, where King Håkon Herdebrei fell against Erling Skakke.

The Baglers attacked the Birkebeinerne on the island in 1206. In 1375, a king's farm on Veøy was mentioned, this was probably a trading farm which was also a collection point for taxes and fees. Kaupangen had at most around 300 inhabitants, but lost its significance towards the end of the Middle Ages. The decline of Veøy-kaupangen probably began before the Black Death. Olav Håkonson ordered in 1384 that trade had to take place in cities and permanent towns: Borgund for Sunnmøre, Veøy for Romsdal, Trondheim for Nordmøre.

In documents from 1519, Veøy is no longer mentioned as a market town. The Kannik-office was maintained after the Reformation and the priest on Veøya made the Kannike promise in 1588. The church order from 1589 stipulated that there should be 9 churches "Vedøens" parish, these should be served by three priests and Veøy should be the main church. (From Wikipedia)

The bay where we dock. Photo by Jan Inge Holmem

Beautiful forest and nature trails on Veøya. Photo by Jan Inge Holmem

Nature trail. Photo by Jan Inge Holmem

Nature trail. Photo by Jan Inge Holmem

On Veøya you can follow in historical footsteps, and read a lot of information about distant times that are set up on information posters around. Or you can choose to go exploring on the many trails on the island.

There is a special atmosphere on this island, and those who have been there once, will be happy to return.

While you are on a trip around the island, the crew on board prepares the grill, and is ready to serve a good lunch when you return after the trip.

We leave the island at 16:00 unless otherwise agreed. We return to Vestnes/Molde approx. at 17:30.

The church on Veøya


This trip is estimated at 8.5 hours.

Max 12 people Base price: NOK. 9.500.-
Supplement per. pers:       NOK.    250.-

Weather conditions.

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We departure both from Vestnes Marina and from Reknes Guest Harbor, Molde.