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From Vestnes / Molde to Åndalsnes.

Day trip 9 hours round trip We have the whole day ahead of us, starting from Vestnes or Molde at 09:00.

The trip goes from Vestnes, north-east towards Gjermundnesholmen which we pass on the port side. Here we round Korsstøneset around starboard. There are many old burial sites here. The oldest are actually dated all the way back to the Stoneage!

From Molde we round Moldeholmene and set course directly towards Veøya. We get the backpack on the starboard side. We continue into the fjord towards Åndalsnes between Sekken and Hangholmen. (Ask us what Hangholmen got its name from ......)

Gjermundnesholmen with Remmemstindenog Ystetind on Vestnes in the background

The trip continues east.

We pass Sekken around port, and head south-east, after passing Helgestøsnagen lighthouse. Now we enter a narrower fjord arm of Romsdalsfjorden, where majestic mountains plunge into the sea on both sides.

We can look inwards towards Romsdalshorn and other beautiful, majestic mountains around Romsdalen.

Here we look into Romsdalshorn!

Eventually we round Klungnes around port, and can then see Åndalsnes in the distance.

We dock at the floating pier at the guest harbor approx. at 12:00. Here we will stay for three hours while you can explore the center of Åndalsnes.

Not least, there will eventually be opportunities to take the gondola that will go straight from the harbor where we are located, to Romsdalseggen.

Tindesenteret (The peak center) where the gondola will start from. It is going up the mountain, Romsdalseggen as you see in the background

Now you can choose to go up the mountain yourself.

500m ascent to Rampestreken. Calculate 1.5 hours up, and 1 hour down. Then you have plenty of time. Remember good footwear and drinking water bottle.

If you would rather relax in the center of Åndalsnes, you will not get closer than where we add. Then you are close to the Norwegian Peak Center with a great climbing wall, restaurants, pubs and shops.

We recommend a good lunch at Nabo`n Pub!

The ramp with Åndalsnes in the "underground" :)


This trip is scheduled for 9 hours.

Max 12 people Base price: NOK. 12.500.-

Weather conditions.

Send a request for booking on our "Contact us" page. We go both from Vestnes marina and from Reknes Guest Harbor, Molde.