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In connection with the Corona pandemic, we would like to emphasize that we always follow the guidelines of the National Institute of Public Health (FHI).

Cruise on Romsdalsfjorden and the North Islands on "Bare Du"

Our yacht can take up to 12 people on a day cruise to various destinations in Romsdalsfjorden and to the North Islands out to sea.

If you want a trip to Finnøy, Bud or Bjørnsund, we will take you there. If you prefer a trip across the fjord to Åndalsnes or the historic Veøya, we also go there! How about taking a 3-hour trip between the Molde islets, going ashore on Hjertøya, or just being on the fjord and maybe being lucky enough to experience up to 200 hunpback whales surrounding the boat. We have experienced this every year!

Or if you fancy an eagle safari. We know where they nest, and we feed them with fish, throwing it in the sea from the yacht. You will see the eagels close up! Check out the different trips we have planned on this page, and see what suggestions we have made. Feel free to come up with your own suggestions for a trip or activity.

"Bare Du" at the harbor in Åndalsnes

"Bare Du" Interior and exterior.

As you can see from the pictures, there are two seating areas in the lounge with ample seating and 360 ° panoramic views. But this is not necessarily where you should stay during the trip!

On the flight deck there is a good seat in an angle sofa with fantastic views! Furthermore, there is plenty of space to lie down in its full length here and enjoy the sun.

At the front of the boat there is seating for the whole gang on board, if you would prefer to be there.

Detail from flybrigde

The flybrigde is about 16m2

The lounge with 360 ° view through large windows. Angle sofa on the port side, and a good three-seater on the starboard side.

Detail from the salon


It is important for us to emphasize that safety is taken seriously. We operate in accordance with the Norwegian Maritime Directorate's regulations. The crew on board have the necessary certificates and are very experienced.

Before each trip, you will receive a review of the safety routines on board. Of course, there are life jackets for everyone on board, and a life raft with room for 12 people. This is an ISO / 9650-1 certified fleet. 

Driver position with radar and all other necessary instruments for a safe journy.

Detail from the galley